Amin is an accredited affiliate, member and partner of the SFM. This means that he receives a commission when he refers a buying customer to the SFM. Amin has learned digital marketing and how to build an online business through the education provided by the SFM himself. He is therefore very confident to recommend this high quality education and community to other people.

What Is Amin’s Connection With The SFM?
What Is Amin’s Connection With The SFM?

Amin Nick

Amin Nick is a professional affiliate marketer, digital business entrepreneur, and consultant. He’s best known for helping like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big existing opportunities in the digital world today. So, they can stop selling their time for money as employees and achieve their time and financial freedom by creating their online business. Starting in 2015, Amin has influenced thousands of people worldwide with the GROWTH mindset.

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