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When you first started your video marketing campaigns whether you need to collect online traffic on your affiliate links or just for your brand awareness, you likely looked for tips from well-established and successful video marketers on the web. Something that may have been surprising was the amount of equipment it takes to run a successful video marketing channel. Besides your camera, you need equipment for stabilizing, for lighting your shots, and for recording better audio than your only camera or smartphone is capable of. Continue reading this article for more information.

Most proven video marketers utilize a wide variety of advanced video production equipment to create their videos (some also employ skilled video editors and camera operators)—but you don’t need to go that far. Below is a list of the essentials you need to launch your channel on YouTube or Instagram (IGTV):

  • Camera
  • Teleprompter
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Tripod
  • Video editing software


You’re going to need a camera unless you could use the camera on your laptop or smartphone. Many don’t realize that you can use your smartphone to record good quality video and the end result can still look professional.

When using your phone, you’ll want to position your phone horizontally to create videos with a widescreen. Honestly, it can look great, and most won’t notice the difference. Currently, Smartphone cameras have been developed so well by utilizing several cameras on each smartphone and combine them together to have the best results, and therefore, in most cases, the smartphone you hold in your hand has a better camera than the average camera at your local retailer.

If you’re determined to kick this up a notch, you can purchase a DSLR camera. However, I don’t believe you need a camera any better than your smartphone or computer from the start.


To make your video more engaging for your audience, being a good presenter is a key to success. Using a teleprompter can help you turn that key. Reading from a teleprompter can make you look confident, natural, and professional. A teleprompter is not a shortcut, or a “quick fix”, but merely a tool that must be mastered like any tool. Your target should be reading as naturally as possible from a teleprompter. You can buy a separate teleprompter tool, but my suggestion is if you have an old or second smartphone, you can easily install a teleprompter app on it and turn it to a teleprompter device. Some of these APPs are quite smart so they can move the text up while you are reading through the text.


No matter how good your video is, no one will watch it if the sound is bad. Trust us, it’s better to invest in proper sound equipment than in a camera that makes 4K videos. Buy a good external mic. The same rule applies: “good” does not necessarily mean “expensive”.

Some types of microphones for your reference:

USB or XLR microphones – Can be perfect for voiceovers or on-screen recordings.

Lavalier microphones – Provides your subject with a little freedom as they won’t need to be concerned with staying close to the microphone. A lavalier simply clicks on your collar and you’re ready to roll.

Shotgun microphones – Work best for interviews, they are utilized also for outdoors. These highly directional mics need to be pointed directly at your subject.


When it comes to indoor filming, while you should definitely make sure you work with as much natural light as possible, you need to have additional lighting if you want to achieve a professional look and avoid having any shadows on your face.

Softboxes, Umbrella light, and Ring lights are the three most used lighting equipment to get started with. Remember, when you’re filming, there should be enough ambient light, lighting gear will change the atmosphere so balance out the setup’s brightness.


Even if you get the best camera/smartphone available, you still need to invest in a good tripod. Without it, your videos may turn out to be shaky, which viewers certainly won’t like. In this case, a good video only as good as the tripod it’s attached to your camera/smartphone, if you have a heavier camera it’s even more vital to have a good quality tripod.

If you are using a teleprompter, then you should use a tripod, since both Camera/smartphone and teleprompter can be set up on a single tripod (you do not need a separate tripod for your teleprompter)

Video editing software

In order to edit every piece of content you film and create truly effective videos that your followers will love you’ll need to use a good video editing software

Movavi Video Editor is typically a rather common alternative for videographers. Coming from the biggest market leader of video editing software systems, it provides very accessible resources and a wide variety of editing solutions (such as photo trimming, frozen frames, bounce-back effects, transitions, and more) so you can convert your content into professional-quality videos that your audience would love.


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Online Marketing: Necessary equipment to make a video

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