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How many times did you decide to watch video tutorials on YouTube instead of reading boring help instructions? How many hours do you spend every single day watching your favorite Netflix series or TV channel?  How many videos are trying to grab your attention every time you are spending time on Instagram or Facebook? Yes, videos are one of the most effective ways to transfer information, feeling, messages, ideas, and beliefs. Videos are simple to understand and easy to remember. That’s why they are widely being used in marketing, education, and news.

1- Why online video marketing

Video is taking over the internet by storm. According to Cisco, 82% of consumer web traffic will consist of video by 2020 and expected to grow even more for the years to come. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that ⅓ of the time spent online is dedicated to watching videos. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Tweeter are totally dominated by Videos.

There is a principle and it says: “Consumer-generated content is especially strong when enhanced by the video”. Therefore, online business owners use video content marketing on different platforms (For example YouTube ads or Social media marketing) in order to have stronger engagement with their target audience.

The same goes for affiliate marketing. When you signed up for an affiliate marketing program, you can effectively use video marketing to generate quality traffic on your affiliate links. Feel free to have a look at below two blogs to get some more information

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To sum up, if you are an online business owner using video marketing will enable you to:

  • Having stronger consumer attention
  • Higher engagement
  • Higher retention rates
  • Increased conversions and click-through rate (CTR)
  • Easier to target for a special demographic
  • Easier to edit, modify and enhance by many types of software available out there
  • SEO friendly
  • Works perfectly with affiliate links

2- Defining the target audience for your online business

In order to make the most out of your video marketing campaign (if this is YouTube ads or a promoting video on your business social media), you truly need to carefully define your target audience (also known as target market). And remember, if you try to sell to everyone, you will sell no one.

You should ask yourself some important questions related to the who, what, where, and how, which will help you shape your video in the right ways and this will help you to understand your demographic makeup.

You need to exactly define how old your customers are, they are living in which countries, what is their jobs, what is their household income rate, what do they like, where they normally hang out, what are their hobbies, how they spend their free time, what they normally search on search engines and social media and what is their favorite online video platform.

One strategy a lot of online business owners take is to look at videos that are doing exceptionally well on the same niche and target demographic and then let those influence their video script. Here, influence doesn’t mean copy. You want your brand to be true to yourself and you want to make sure that it conveys the best parts of what you have to offer in a genuine and engaging way.

There’s also the where, which mostly has to do with figuring out where the video marketing will reside. Are you talking about putting the video up on a website, YouTube, a blog, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok? Will you need to make a video suitable for multiple sites and platforms? There are a lot of questions and answering these questions will help you in determining many aspects of the video scripting.


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3- Structuring your video content

As an affiliate marketer which needs to focus on video marketing strategies to generate traffic on affiliate links, capturing and holding your viewers’ attention is one of the most important parts of creating a video and for sure video scripting. If you do not get people interested immediately, you won’t be able to direct your target audience to your affiliate links and therefore no sale. So keep that in mind to structure your video script.

Here are the main components that you want to cover. Of these, here are probably the most important parts, which you need to write the beginning of your script so that the viewer knows what the video is about. Then, there are some other topics that you must cover to give enough reasons and supporting idea to your viewer.

An eye-catching beginning will freeze your viewer in front of your video for a longer time and then you have enough time to introduce your products or services (depends on the affiliate marketing programs you are promoting) and show why your viewer should consider your products or services instead of others. The last section of your video must be a clear call to action (CTA), where you directly ask your viewer to take a specific action; for example, click on a specific link (affiliate links) or insert their name and email address to subscribe to your newsletter.

All of the above main sections are vital to your video marketing campaign success and should be included while video scripting.

4- Writing a video script and making a shot list

Now that you’ve got a good high-level blueprint of how this video is going to come together, it’s time for you to get specific and start writing the script.

When it comes to videos, there are different video scripting strategies, depends on where you want to publish your video marketing campaign, if this is a YouTube ad, maybe this is part of your social media marketing campaign or a video content marketing on your blog.

Some people write everything out. Some just write out the main bullet points and adopt a more extemporaneous approach. I definitely suggest you be a scripter for any video you do. You don’t always put yourself in a situation where you are reading the script word for word, but even when you do take a more extemporaneous approach, you always have the script as your foundation, and you can always go back to it. Not only that, but when you have a detailed video script, you’re able to not only plan out the video dialogue, but you’re also able to plan out the visuals that accompany each moment, and you’re able to come up with the most cohesive blueprint possible. This is the same approach that professional advertising companies also use in order to create successful video ads.

First, you need to write everything down, and most of the time, when you write a script, it’s going to be long, but that’s okay. Just get the content down, and then you can begin whittling it down, getting it even more concise, and then adding the appropriate transitional devices (bridging from on idea to another while you are explaining your target audience about the main benefits and reason why they should buy from you).

Then you edit everything to be more concise and cohesive and do not forget to structure it as we discussed before and also write it in a targeted way for your audience. I really do suggest you compare your video script with other successful video ads that are targeting the same online platform, same niche, and target audience. Do not afraid also to contact those online business owners and ask for their ideas and suggestions about your script, I personally used this technique a lot and got very good advice from them which made me thousands. Additionally, you can read the video script for some of your friends and ask them how it sounds.

Once the script is finalized it’s time to turn it into a two-column script. This is where you plan out all the visuals. So, in the left column we write down all the audio your target audience is going to hear and on the right column, all visuals your target audience is going to watch. Visuals include video footages, B-Rolls, and videos of yourself reading the video script:

Amin Nick Lifestyle - Two column script

Here you also can see a part of a two-column script I did before for one of my YouTube marketing campaigns:

Amin Nick Lifestyle - two column script

Finally, in terms of delivery, there’s a teleprompter and it’s a great solution because it allows you to look right into the lens while reading the text. And there are some great mobile teleprompters available for smartphones. For sure, reading naturally and conversationally from a teleprompter can definitely take some work. So, if you take that approach, it’s important to practice video script enough so that it doesn’t sound like you’re reading.

5- Ready to start shooting?

Now that your video scripting process is done, you need to focus on “video production” itself. Choosing the right equipment and also a suitable relevant location is vital for your online video marketing success. Then you can start by shooting the main video. When the base video which contains your full video script is done, you need also to shoot your B-rolls and prepare different video footage. The last step or so-called “post-production” comes with editing video, adding B-rolls and video footages to the main video, adding the music, text, and transitions. There is various video editing software available in the market, but I suggest you use Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PowerDirector, Filmora, or Movavi. These are really easy to start with and powerful enough to edit an eye-catching video on different online marketing platforms.

You are all set, now it is time to go out there and start your online video marketing campaign to generate traffic for your online business. Happy marketing…



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Scripting for Online Video Marketing

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