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If you are interested to make money online by working remotely, YouTube ads can help you to generate steady paid online traffic and bring them to your affiliate links and as a result, have a quite predictable online sale rate per month.

In this short blog, I explain how YouTube monetization works and how to earn from YouTube by affiliate marketing.

Before start please check “Things Affiliate Marketers Must Do Daily” and “Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing—Part 1: Simplified and Easy basics”. These two blogs will give you more clarity and up to date hacks on how to start your affiliate marketing business and how to keep it up and running.

Why YouTube advertising?

There are 4 main core advantages with YouTube monetization which totally differentiate YouTube advertising from all other types of online video marketing.

Different types of YouTube ads?

Six main categories of YouTube ads are :

  • TrueView video ads or skippable video ads
  • Pre-roll or non-skippable ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Sponsored cards

Sometime, you should use only one type, and sometimes you better combine several types of ads in order to generate the best results according to the product, service, or the brand you are advertising. This is really a matter of try, re-calibrate, and try again on your marketing campaign to find out which model will make you the highest return.

There are tones of information you can find on Google about each type of YouTube ads but I personally found Wyzowl’s Blog very complete and helpful with all necessary information.

To make a decent YouTube video, you need a few things:

Affiliate marketing and YouTube

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating YouTube videos and placing affiliate links to products related to the topic of YouTube ads.

The main content on YouTube is Video and in YouTube affiliate marketing, the video promotes the affiliate marketing offers through tutorials, reviews, or just sponsorship and will earn you a commission for each sale generated through your unique affiliate links.

An important point to remember is to know about your audience, globally. It is essential that you understand the audience and then make necessary attempts to gather mass attention. This includes defining your target audience and their needs, and later customizing your YouTube ads directly for them and to support their needs, and to give them a solution. Later on, encouraging them to use your affiliate link in order to get more information, have a look at product or service, or directly land on the sales page.

You can maximize your return through affiliate links by knowing your target audience, their demographics, age, locations, household income, and interests are very crucial and can save you a lot of money while advertising on YouTube.  Feel Free to have a look at one of my recent YouTube ads below:

Where to place affiliate links?

Next step. You need to complement the content with compelling video description. Your affiliate links are placed here so it’s crucial that the description drawers viewers in and encourages them to click through to your site. We can do this simply by encouraging people to go to the video description section and look for that link and click on it.

The affiliate tracking link or coupon code should always be included in the first three lines above the “Show More” button in the video description section.

A good description starts with a brief introduction about the video’s content and features the affiliate links; then continues on with a more in-depth video description that is strategically filled with keywords for SEO.

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Earn Money From YouTube as Affiliate Marketer

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