Amin Nick- Online Business Ideas for Digital Entrepreneurs

You’ve always wanted to start a business. You’re tired of working for someone else, and you’d love the flexibility and responsibility of running your own company.

The cost of setting up a new business has never been so low. Especially for online-based businesses. Technology has made starting your own business easy, affordable, and possible. All you need to start a business online is a phone, a computer, and an internet connection.

To help you get started, I am going to layout 10 brilliant online business ideas. Read through them, see which you connect with, and start doing your research. Then get started with one, it’s that simple!

1. Start a Blog

Blogging has been here with us for years now but still, it is always a popular option for an essentially no-cost business.

There are tons of options when it comes to making money from your blog (sometimes big money), such as affiliate partnerships, producing ebooks, offering online courses, and webinars. Some of these work better than others, as and certain blog niches will be more popular and easy to monetize than others. For instance, beauty, food, and parenting blogs are some of the most popular niches, and will, therefore, be easier to monetize (though you’ll also face stiffer competition).

It’s worth mentioning, however, that monetizing your blog will work best when you choose a subject that you are actually passionate about and personally invested in to blog about. Merely wanting to make money isn’t enough.

2.Online Store – E-Commerce Site:

I know that building an online store can be a terrifying thought especially when you are not techy. Well, you’re not alone. After helping hundreds of users start their online business and creating the website and authority platform, I can share with you, free access to our Online On-demand workshops.


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Once you have an idea, you’ll have to decide how to create your shop: Use a hosted e-commerce platform; create and host your site with open-source, e-commerce software; or sell primarily on third-party platforms. Some items to be considered from the beginning are:

  • Find a profitable market
  • Ask yourself, “Is the product expensive?”
  • Ask yourself, “Is the product in a growth market?”
  • Be prepared for the staring costs
  • Consider shipping details/method
  • Prepare gifts/voucher/giveaways

I found this article from Wikihow, very helpful, feel free to read it. Additionally, WordPress has a full range of e-commerce platforms that you can choose from.

3.Publish an E-Book

Everyone has areas of expertise and there are people out there who value your knowledge and want to learn more. You can help them if you start selling eBooks. Creating your eBook is surprisingly simple.

For example, with Amazon, you can self-publish a book fairly easily, and make money from it. If you can launch your book and get a few hundred sales in the first week, Amazon will take over and start promoting it for you. This way you can make some real money from it.

There are many websites which explain and help you how to write your content professionally, how to design an “eye-catching” cover, how to convert your writing file format to EPUB (EPUB is the industry-standard ebook format accepted by nearly all retailers) and finally how to publish your on a specific website and start to promote it.

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4.Affiliate Marketing

Well, this part is my core expertise, and I have a whole group of dedicated blogs that bring you to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and help you to learn the whole process, step by step; from concepts to building your autoresponders and creating your online marketing campaigns. Help yourself and use below links to get started:

Start an online business, live your dream lifestyle

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing—Part 1: Simplified and Easy basics

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing—Part 2: Traffic generation with Paid Advertising

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing—Part 3: Traffic generation with Free-Low Cost Advertising

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing—Part 4: Email List Building


Freelancing includes a vast category of “making money online” businesses. Freelance translators, freelance writing, editing, freelance consulting, freelance blogging, designing, engineering projects freelancing, tax services, data analysis, SEO, social media marketing, and many more.

If I want to lit down a summary of being a freelancer from scratch, This looks like the following:

  • Choose a niche
  • Get clear on your offering services
  • Define your target audience and demographics
  • create a high-quality portfolio site (also known as Authority site)
  • Level up your skills when you are still an employee
  • Write blogs or create related videos frequently
  • Advertising and self-promoting and are two of the main freelancing platforms available at this moment, where you can sell your services.

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6.Start a Podcast

It is possible to make money with a podcast. People are doing it every day and they make a fortune out of it. I will share some methods used by successful podcasters, so you can create and grow your income.

The first step is how to build your podcast from the beginning, since you need to learn some history, concepts and get familiar with the equipment and related software.

After you made your podcast up and running, you will need to start to get new listeners and grow your reach. This will be always your primary goal if you think of making money with your podcast.

Check according to your podcast topic, what people really want and what they pay for? I propose that you start thinking about ways to use your podcast to direct your audience to paid products that people are willing to pay money for, like courses, books, consulting time, or experiences. You also can put some of these items as “Premium Content” so your listeners must pay a fee in order to have full access.

Instead of being paid per advertising campaign, why not try affiliate advertising for your podcast? You direct your listeners to a company that you love using a special discount code or link. For every sale the company gets from people who have used your link, you earn a percentage of the sale for yourself.

Some other ways to increase your podcast members are: Invite them to a membership website with the possibility to give them some discount or vouchers and holding live events by inviting public figures and influencers.

7.Create Online Courses/Online Products

Creating a digital product or course is similar to writing an ebook, making your podcast station, step by step video training on a specific subject, and so on. The idea is simple; you’re monetizing your expertise by teaching it to the others.

You can build your own training platform by making your website and starting growing your email list (also known as “List building”) or you can use other platforms like YouTube or IGTV (Instagram TV). In both ways, your primary target to bring your target audience to a CTA (call to action), where they asked to take a specific action; whether subscribing to a video series or buying specific products.

Click here to learn 5easy steps to create an online course.

8.Video Monetization

I believe there is no need to express more about the importance of videos, today. Videos are becoming more and more popular in every aspect of our lives. From Instagram and Snapchat Stories to Facebook Live video, videos will only continue to grow. If you’ve always loved the thought of being behind/front the camera, now is the time you can take advantage.

While it is possible to make significant income from YouTube as a content creator, it is not the easiest either. Four hundred hours of video upload to YouTube every single minute across the world. The same trend goes for Instagram live streaming and it’s relatively new IGTV.

I give you some ideas on how video monetization works:

  • Use affiliate links on different platforms
  • Becoming an Instagram influencer
  • Become a YouTube partner and earn from ads
  • Make money with funding from your fans: donations – tips
  • Take advantage of live streaming (IGTV) to increase your reach and also engagement
  • Learning SEO, especially with YouTube
  • Applying a meaningful marketing funnel

Making money on video platforms is possible, but it’s hard to make money with just the video platform alone. It’s vital to have another authority platform that you own like a blog or website and use YouTube or Instagram as a secondary traffic stream. Then by having robust marketing funnel, email autoresponders, and a bit of investment on SEO, you will get steady incoming traffic on your website and affiliate links, which means income.

In Instagram for Small Businesses: Make a Successful Marketing Strategy, I have the opportunity to give you much more clarity regarding marketing on Instagram.

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9.Graphic Design

It’s wise for graphic designers to have a few different sources of income, online. It’s a profession well-suited to freelancing and requires skillful use of time management. If you have a little extra time in your week, consider setting up your own website and online shop, then take advantage of the below tips:

  • Make physical products and sell them on your website of any eCommerce platform.
  • Make money from historical memorabilia: resurrecting.
  • Make money from Fiverr (Freelancing platform)
  • Start your own eCommerce website
  • Sell digital files online: create your own fonts, images or textures and sell them on different platforms

10.Start an Online Consulting Business

If you have deep knowledge and experience in any specific field or industry? If yes, you can create your own online consulting platform and start to get paid handsomely by leveraging that knowledge

As a consultant, you simply must apply the knowledge, skills, and experience you have in a specific field to help clients solve a problem or issue they have in that field.

Have a look at All About Online Consultants And How To Become One and How Can a Consultant Easily Start an Online Business with Consulting Software to have a better understanding and know potentials of your specific knowledge.

That’s a Wrap

No matter what type of online business you would like to start or how much money you have to invest, the main point is the idea alone is not enough.

It takes hard work. You have to show passion, persistence, and dedication to overcome all challenges as they arise. If you do, there’s nothing that can stop you from joining the ranks of successful online entrepreneurs from all around the world who already achieved their ultimate time/financial freedom.



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Online Business Ideas for Digital Entrepreneurs

Amin Nick

Amin Nick is a professional affiliate marketer, digital business entrepreneur, and consultant. He’s best known for helping like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big existing opportunities in the digital world today. So, they can stop selling their time for money as employees and achieve their time and financial freedom by creating their online business. Starting in 2015, Amin has influenced thousands of people worldwide with the GROWTH mindset.

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