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A few years back, I was not happy with my carrier and I knew I wanted to run my own business. The problem was I was not really sure what I wanted that business to look like.

Firstly, I tried to run import-export business, then I changed into having a small startup and I took one of my crazy ideas. Both failed miserably.

Then I heard about having an online lifestyle business. I started my new online business from zero, where I was the only employee and made just enough to support myself. Then I committed myself to work hard, 80 hours per week. I scaled up my new business in rocket speed. And now, yes, I am having more freedom to do the things I really wanted to. I do not have a boss; I do not have an office. I decide when and from where to run my online business. I can do it when I am lying on the sofa in my house’s living room or while I am sunbathing in my favorite beach in the Maldives.

Start Your Profitable Online Business; Today


1)What is a lifestyle business?

A lifestyle business is a business built with the sole purpose of enjoying a particular lifestyle. A lifestyle business is generally one that focuses on the way you live your life or focuses on making money from sharing tips or offering coaching that can help others live more fulfilling lives. It’s a pretty nebulous concept, and a number of ventures can fall into the category of the lifestyle business.

Lifestyle business concept is different from the traditional definition of entrepreneurship; Many lifestyle entrepreneurs work online and provide services or develop courses or make money from their websites and/or podcasts.

2)Core characteristics of a lifestyle business

No employer-employee concept

You are your own boss, there is no one to tell you what to do or when start and finish the working day. Some online entrepreneurs prefer to hire or build a team to take care of different aspects of their business. However, some others prefer to outsource or do by themselves. Either way, this is absolutely your own choice.

Financial freedom – Low starting costs

Lifestyle business usually has very few overhead costs. When you mainly need access to the Internet and a computer, you don’t have to worry about how much you’re spending on your business because you easily can adjust for example your advertising campaigns budget according to your living expenses.

After you scaled up your business, you can make much more money online, literary with the same effort. As from a certain point, your business turns into your automatic money-making machine. For sure, still you need to continue to bring value to your audience, but you really need a few hours per week to do that.

Time and geographical freedom

With your new online business, you can do what you want with your time and your clients. It means ultimate time freedom. Moreover, you have the freedom to travel as well because you are not tied down to a single location. You only need your laptop and internet access to run your business. It means you have geographical freedom with your laptop lifestyle business. You also can name it work from home business.

Side business at the beginning

For most online entrepreneurs, a lifestyle business is a passive income source at the beginning to make some money online. Therefore, you apparently run your laptop lifestyle business while you are still being employed. After you scaled up your online business and increase this passive income, you are the one who can make the decision whether to leave your cooperate carrier and focus only on making money online.

No experience, knowledge or connections

One of the greatest characteristics of running Laptop lifestyle business is you will earn while you are learning. Most of the people ( including me on the first couple of months) do not have any experience about how to create a website, autoresponders, landing pages or how to make and run a Google advertising campaign (knows as Google Ads). Trust me; you will learn them all on the way step by step, do not afraid. You also do not need any connection (except your internet connection) or relations to help you establish your online business. You will make a list of online subscribers and that’s all you need.

3)How to start your lifestyle business

Well, this is my gift to you. I give you FREE access to Online On-Demand workshops where my mentors have this opportunity to walk you through all basic knowledge of building an online business from scratch.

In this workshop series, we will be teaching you about the fundamentals of a lifestyle business, then introduce Sourcing products and at the end How to start your online business. We also show you What other people say about our products and services.

Make yourself accountable for success and hear from people who have been here as you are today. You will also get to know my mentors, those who really changed my life forever by helping me to grow a profitable online business from nothing but from scratch.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need any help or further questions.

Start Fast-Scale Quick & Build Your Dream Lifestyle

Amin Nick

Amin Nick is a professional affiliate marketer, digital business entrepreneur, and consultant. He’s best known for helping like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big existing opportunities in the digital world today. So, they can stop selling their time for money as employees and achieve their time and financial freedom by creating their online business. Starting in 2015, Amin has influenced thousands of people worldwide with the GROWTH mindset.

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