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Does the idea of making money through your blog sound interesting? You invest so much time, energy and passion into writing useful blog posts; so wouldn’t it be great to earn an income from what you’re already doing for FREE?

In this blog, I will walk you through exactly how to make money on your blog with affiliate marketing.


How to start Affiliate Marketing on your blog

1: Create a Website or a Blog

2: Choose an Industry, and then Niche Down (focus on quality products)

3: Research Products in Your Niche that You Can Review

4: Sign Up for An Affiliate Program (Like Amazon ) and Get Your Affiliate Link

5: Find affiliate programs for the other products you want to review

6: Create content in the form of tutorials, review posts, resource pages or emails and use your affiliate link

7: Optimize the page and track your rankings in Google (SEO)

8: Rinse and Repeat! (Magical R&R)


>>Start a profitable online business today<<


How to start a blog – Step by Step

  • Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  • Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
  • Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
  • Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
  • Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  • Make money blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog.

Here is step by step video tutorial to start your blog


How to find an Affiliate Program or Network

In this case, there are two main choices: sign up to become an affiliate for an individual company, or sign up with an affiliate network. To be more effective, I recommend you do both at the same time.

Signing up with an individual company will allow you to promote that specific company’s products or services. You sign up once, and can then promote products or the company as a whole. Signing up with an affiliate network, on the other hand, will mean you are able to become an affiliate for any of the companies that network represents. Therefore, much more affiliate marketing opportunities and it will allow you to focus on different niches.

In order to find specific companies around your niche Google search the most reliable tool. If you want the best results possible, you can search for “Your Niche” + “Affiliate program”. For example: “Canon DSLR Camera affiliate program”

On the other hand, if you want to go the affiliate network route, here are some of the most popular ones:

Amazon Associates

CJ Affiliate




Rakuten Affiliate Network

Advertising on your blog

All affiliate programs will have a place on their site where you can grab your affiliate links. Most programs will also have an affiliate manager you can contact if you run into trouble finding or using the links. Now that you have got your link, you are ready to start promoting to your blog

1)Affiliate Marketing With a Resource Page

Regardless of what your business is, there are tools, products, and services that you use to run your blog. By putting together a page of all of your tools and resources, you are creating something that’s shareable, as well as useful.

2) Affiliate Marketing with Product Reviews

If you’ve built up a lot of trust with your audience, product reviews are a fantastic way to generate some sales. They key to a successful product review is honesty.

Make sure you include the following items in any product review:

  • Clear headline featuring your desired keyword (“product name review” for instance)
  • Clear links for where to buy at both the top and bottom of the page
  • A clear recommendation
  • A personal story about how you use the product or why you recommend it

3) Affiliate Marketing with Comparison Posts

It works well when there are two very similar products and people are thinking about one or the other or when there is a ton of options, and people do not know what to choose.  Web hosting is a great niche for this.

Create an affiliate policy and be totally transparent

Transparency and affiliate policy- Amin Nick Lifestyle

This step is so important but is one that often gets neglected. It’s not as exciting as the steps above, but not doing it can get you into BIG TROUBLE!

Here’s how: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all affiliate marketers to clearly disclose all affiliate links. This means that if you have affiliate links on your site, you MUST be transparent about it! FTC guidelines aside, this is just a smart business practice. The last thing you want is to deceive your readers!

I recommend having an official affiliate policy on your site, as well as disclosing affiliate partnerships on each page where you include affiliate links. This may seem like overkill, but you don’t want to risk losing the trust of your audience!

As an example, please look at Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of my website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it describes the logic behind the ranking of websites when you perform a search on a particular search engine. In short, SEO can be defined as a digital marketing strategy that helps increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your site. The optimization part of SEO comprises a series of steps that you can take to rank higher on Google (for example) and thus get free organic traffic.

Notice that I said steps, meaning that as long as you follow each of the steps (and are patient) you will notice great results. Although it may seem tedious and painful at the start, SEO can actually be rather fun and easy to implement. But what are these steps? If you are interested to learn more about SEO step by step, please watch SEO for beginners playlist.

Rinse and Repeat! ( Magical R&R)

After completing the above steps, you need to come back to your contents and try to improve their performance. Moreover, try to make a relationship that is more effective with your readers. Focus on what’s working and commit only to learn what will help your affiliate marketing business grow. Do not become a victim of information overload. That has crippled many entrepreneurs.

And my gift to you…

Even though there may be times you encounter problems while you’re starting your online business, as long as you take heed of the tips that I’ve given you here, and pay attention to learn from your common mistakes, you’ll be able to easily overcome them and continue pushing forward.

Here I give you my gift; free access to Online On-demand workshops, where I have this opportunity to introduce you to the amazing community of digital marketers. Make yourself accountable for success and hear from people who have been here as you are today. You will also get to know my mentors, those who really walked me through all necessary foundations to grow a profitable online business from scratch. Please contact me if you need any more information

How to promote your affiliate marketing business with blogging

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