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If you have an online business, it is easy to work from any place in the world, make a living on the Internet and even set your own hours. The online business is great for those new entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of funding since this start-up cost is extremely low. But you need to have the right tricks to make your online business successful and for sure PROFITABLE.

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In my early days, I made all of the classic mistakes that beginners make. I have had the “next big thing” in my sights more than once and gone all-in on software, tips, tricks and super-secret ninja tactics that I KNEW would make my wildest business and financial dreams come true.

Until they didn’t…

What I know, and I believe this with all of my heart, is that there are 9 core “habits and to-dos” to build a PROFITABLE Online Business. They are:

  • Have an audacious idea
  • Be yourself and set yourself up
  • Focus on branding
  • Get out there and over deliver
  • Focus on serving, not selling
  • Find your “Vein of gold”
  • Find influencers
  • Analyze, recalibrate and Repeat
  • Have an attitude of gratitude

1) Have an audacious idea

Great Ideas - Amin Nick

You have to really capture the imagination of your audience, and give them something that they really want – even if they did not know they wanted it until you came along. If you have a great but basic idea, work on it and come up with a unique selling point, which will make you stand out.

2) Be yourself and set yourself up

Your business is an extension of you, no matter how big or small it is now. It will succeed or fail by how others perceive your brand, and ultimately how they feel about doing business with you. All aspects of your business (customer service, product creation, back office) should respect your values.

Authenticity is key. You have to be you, whether it’s the smooth, sophisticated type or the person with rough edges and an attitude to match. Only you know what works for you and your target audience, but the one thing that can guarantee failure is not being authentic.

If you’re not comfortable being the representative of your business you’ll still want to create some type of persona to represent your company and brand and humanize your business as much as possible.

Next important step is to set yourself up with learning required basic knowledge around your online business. Moreover, choosing the right business name, domain name, list building software and marketing strategies can play a significant role to make your online entrepreneurship successful.

3) Focus on branding

What does your “real world” personal brand look like? What kind of clothes do you wear? How is your hair cut? What of words and phrases do you use? Are you fun and playful or serious?

That entire works together to form an “impression” of you, your brand.

It is the same online. Why do people pay so much money for and spend so much time on logos? Because they are THAT important.

The colors and fonts you use as well as the imagery and words you use any and everywhere people look online to create their impression of your company. If people come to your website and it does not look good, they are gone!

4)Get out there and over deliver

Even if you are still waiting for your website to be built, it’s time to get out there on social media. Start following people, putting up previews of what you will sell or what’s going on behind the scenes, and generating interest.

So that people can see you are a keen start-up with lots going on. The more interest you have in your website at launch, the better – you can even start building a mailing list now ready to send out first-day offers.

This is especially important to over deliver with your initial offerings, because a strong first impression may mean a host of customers for life. Just imagine the glee on people’s faces because they feel that they have got the better end of the deal! It’s your reward for having given so much value at such a low (or reasonably low) cost. Certainly, expectations will constantly be high, but that’s the way it should be.

Remember the purpose of a customer is not to make a sale; rather the purpose of a sale is to get a customer. Make their first purchasing experience with you a great one and they’ll continue to buy your products over and over again.

5)Focus on serving, not selling

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” is a famous quote from the legendary Zig Ziglar (1926-2012). Teaching and coaching are known as “giving” professions, but in the 21st century, more businesses will have to adapt their techniques in order to earn customer trust and ultimately sales.

Learn how to identify your customer avatar, it means the target market’s problems, concerns, and issues. This will definitely help you to better create and position your offerings as the best solution in the marketplace. The better you can relate and speak to them with killer copywriting the more they’ll realize you truly are the solution to their problems.

6) Find your “Vein of gold”

Thanks to social media, the world is transitioning from a corporate-dominated, sales-based economy to a trust-based economy. In the past, dominant companies could count on “blind” brand loyalty from customers to guarantee steady profits, even if their products and post-sales service were severely lacking.

Not anymore. Today, there is truly global competition across many industries, and the smallest glitch or weakness shown by corporations are quickly exposed, spread virally by consumers through the Internet, and exploited by ruthless competitors.

However, this is not a threat, it a great opportunity. Post about your new site as often as possible on any and all social media. Send out an email to your mailing list, and remember to copy in friends and family who would be interested. You can even get in touch with local newspapers or websites in your niche to ask them to feature your launch. Get the news out in any way that you can.


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7) Find influencers

One of the biggest keys to success in online entrepreneurship is the support of influencers. These are people with large social followings and whose recommendation is enough to drive huge sales. You may have to pay them or offer them many free gifts, but it’s worthwhile to get someone on board. Ask them to post as much as possible about your brand to drive those visitors over to your site.

8) Analyze, recalibrate and Repeat

What is your best-selling service or affiliate link and how can you create new lines in a similar vein? Which social network is giving you the most referrals, and how can you leverage that further? What kinds of posts have been your most popular, and how can you create more like them?

Never rest on your laurels, and constantly test what you are doing. The key to success is growing and always working as hard as you did at the launch. The instant you sit back and relax, you could find your leads dwindling and interest waning.

9) Have an attitude of gratitude

Have an attitude of gratitude - Amin Nick

Part of what makes success stories stand out is paying attention to little details, and calling your mentors to say ‘Thank You’ really goes a long way. They’ll appreciate your gesture much more because it will remind them that they helped someone achieve their goals.

This could also lead to opportunities for them to feature you to their audience, use your success as a case study, and potentially drive more traffic and sales into your business.

And my gift to you… 🙂

Even though there may be times you encounter problems while you’re starting your online business, as long as you take heed of the tips that I’ve given you here, and pay attention to learn from your common mistakes, you’ll be able to easily overcome them and continue pushing forward.

Would you believe it if I told you that some of the world’s best writers have never actually had any formal writing training to get better at what they do?  Yet, they still produce bestseller after bestseller and have made millions of dollars as a writer.

What those writers do, is hire people that are good at writing, and have them edit the books once they’re done with them.  Utilizing the help of others, they’re able to better their own craft. Your online business is going to demand the same from you.

Here I give you my gift; free access to Online On-demand workshops, where I have this opportunity to introduce you to the amazing community of digital marketers. Make yourself accountable for success and hear from people who have been here as you are today. You will also get to know my mentors, those who really walked me through all necessary foundations to grow a profitable online business from scratch. Please contact me if you need any more information and I come back to you as soon as possible.

9 BAD habits that cost you a PROFITABLE online entrepreneurship

Amin Nick

Amin Nick is a professional affiliate marketer, digital business entrepreneur, and consultant. He’s best known for helping like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big existing opportunities in the digital world today. So, they can stop selling their time for money as employees and achieve their time and financial freedom by creating their online business. Starting in 2015, Amin has influenced thousands of people worldwide with the GROWTH mindset.

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