Deadline compression cycle - step by step definition

Deadlines can simply play a significant rule in an online business success if we can schedule a compressed effort period within deadline followed by skill mastery activities. Please follow up to the end of this short blog to learn how to be successful by having less competition strategy.

Starting an online business means, you need to deal with a lot of learning. There are many skills you must first learn and then put into action on a daily basis if you want your online business up and running. After having enough effort and practices (let’s say having failures and retry cycles over and over), you get your level of being an expert on those skills. But the question is: “Is this level enough to being successful?” The answer is simply “no”. You need to get the Mastery level, where you face much less competition on your target which leads to success much easier.

  • Setting up a success target
  • Divide it into several mid-term goals
  • Set deadline for each goal
  • Slice deadlines to half
  • 1st half: Compressed period of taking actions and spending resources ( Expert level)
  • 2nd half: achieve to mastery level
Deadline Compression Process- Step by step
Step by Step with the cycle of deadline compression

Please download and print out Deadline Compression Process (PDF, 122KB)

To understand above 6 steps, consider an airplane for example; the destination is fixed from the beginning and then the airplane will spend considerable about of fuel in a very short time only to speed up, take off, and reaching suitable height. From there, fuel consumption rate per kilometer decreases significantly for the rest of flight time including landing as well

1st half: Compressed period of taking actions and spending resources (expert level)

Deadlines will create an inner urgency for each goal. However, in order to increase our focus, we really need to put ourselves in a kind of pressure. Compressing the first half of the main deadline to 3 weeks or 3 months period of pressurized and intensive actions is the best way to maintain an optimum level of focus. Moreover, we need to give as much as resources which are required. Resources are mainly time and money, so be resourceful.

We also need to understand, if one quits in this stage ( 1st half of deadline) while still even did not reach to expert level, all those efforts and actions must be started from zero again. Therefore, find your main motivation switch and learn how to stay committed especially for the 1st half. This will save a lot of time and effort, believe me.

2nd half: achieve to mastery level

After being an expert on those required skills for building our online business, it is time to re-calibrate and thinking of adjusting our strategies. This will help us a lot to take action more effectively and with the highest possible level of productivity. Apparently, this is like a filter that divides successful people or the exception from the herd; magic; if you playing the game at this level, there is not much competition. Therefore, you play with your own rules and as a result, you can speed up your journey to success.

This journey requires having the word best mentors and coaches. At the same level, masterminding with those super achievers who have been already in this journey. I am a true believer in masterminding and using experiences of same-minded people so that we can shorten the way to success and prevent them from doing the same mistakes over and over again.


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Success is not a chance or talent, it is a choice and hard word

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Online business success—Compress your deadlines

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